ip helper-address on Extreme

  • 4 April 2016
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Coming from a HP Procurve world, we could have 'ip helper-address' settings for each VLAN. How can I have a production VLAN have a different DHCP server from a Guest VLAN in EXOS?

Here's my procurve settings:

vlan 200 name "VLAN200" ip helper-address vlan 500 name "VLAN500" ip helper-address [/code]
What would the equivalent of this look like on EXOS?


6 replies

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I believe BOOTP Relay is what you're looking for:
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This is exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks!!
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Hi Bruce, just to add on to what everyone else already said, if you want to send DHCP traffic from one vlan to a specific DHCP server, you can specify the vlan when adding the server in bootprelay. For example:

en bootprelay vlan v1 en bootprelay vlan v2 conf bootprelay vlan v1 add conf bootprelay vlan v2 add [/code]
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The article says this as well but you need to make sure you enable bootprelay on the VLAN the server sits on as well. If the discover needs to be routed to get to this VLAN enable bootprelay on the egress VLAN
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Configure bootp relay for your helper address.
configure bootprelay add vr vr-default
enable bootprelay vr vr-default vlan