IPFIX config on x460

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jul 24 2013 9:07PM

I am trying to configure IPFIX on an x460 and read the flow data in solarwinds NTA but receiving the following error (NTA error):

NetFlow Receiver Service [servername] received an invalid IPFIX template with ID 265 from device

After looking at the data being sent to the collector I seem to be missing both the INPUT_SNMP and OUTPUT_SNMP information that NTA relies on, (presuming this is the issue, please correct me if I am wrong) how do you configure the switch to provide the missing data?

current IPFIX config:

configure ip-fix ip-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx protocol udp L4-port 2055 vr "VR-Default"

configure ip-fix source ip-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx vr "VR-Default"

configure ip-fix ports 47 ingress-and-egress

enable ip-fix ports 47 ipv4

configure ip-fix ports 48 ingress-and-egress

enable ip-fix ports 48 ipv4

Show ip-fix

Global IPFIX State: Enabled
Domain: 0
Source (Exporter) IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Virtual Router: "VR-Default"
Collector IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Transport Protocol/Port/State: UDP, Port 2055, NA

Flow Keys:
IPv4: "Source-IP" "Source L4 Port" "Dest-IP" "Dest L4 Port" "L4 Protocol" "TOS"

IPv6: "Source-IP" "Source L4 Port" "Dest-IP" "Dest L4 Port" "Next Header" "TOS" "Flow Label"

Non-IP: "Source MAC" "Dest MAC" "Ethertype" "VLAN ID" "Priority" "Tagged"

IPFIX Enabled on Port(s): 47-48

Any help/recommendations much appreciated!


(from Keith_Betts)

1 reply

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Create Date: Jul 25 2013 12:25PM

This has now been resolved,

Although I have been unable to find any documented fix for this in the xos release notes it works on xos 15.3, didn’t on 12.6 or 15.2. (from Keith_Betts)