IPv6 Peer disconnects when enabling forwarding

  • 25 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I am setting up IPv6 peering with my provider and I am using a /127 that they provided. The peer comes online and I receive a default route from them. IF I enable ipv6 forwarding then the peer goes offline. I setup a VLAN and enable forwarding on that VLAN...I can ping the router from the test PC and I can ping 2600:: from all interfaces on the router. However, from the test PC I get host unreachable when trying to route across it.

At this point, I found that I can enable IPv6 on the VR and all works well....until the peer times out because it enables IPv6 on that vlan when it is enabled on the VR. Does anybody have any suggestions on things that I might be missing that is causing the peer to not establish when forwarding is enabled? Worth nothing, I can ping the peer when it goes to CONNECT state.

2 replies

Partially a duh moment.....when I enable forwarding, I get a reply from my side of the peer, not a response from the other side so I am losing the ability to ping. Any IPv6 users out there...has to be something simple, neighbor discovery, router discovery? Grabbing at straws but any input is welcome!
/127 is unsupported on 15.1, time for us to get with the times on a software upgrade. It doesn't give any error when you use it, it just doesn't work properly.