Is it possible to connect 10 G DAC cable to the X460-G2 Front Panel ports for stacking?

  • 1 July 2018
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Hi Team,

we have two extreme X-460 core switches, is it possible to connect 2 core switches with 10G DAC cable through the front panel for stacking?

5 replies

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Hello Niyas,

If you have an 10G switch like X460-G2-48t-10GE4 yes. The alternate stacking ports are 51,52 on the front. You will find such kind of information's for all switches in the EXOS user guide easily.

It will be very helpful if you post the exact switch types. Only in this way we can give you correct information's!

Best regards

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We have Extreme X-460-G2-24P-10GE4 core switch
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You can use front ports 31 and 32 for stacking. BR Stephan
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Thanks for your support...

one more thing,Is it possible to use shared and Sync-E input port for uplink purpose?

Niyas P
Yes, I think you can use some of the shared and Sync-E for uplink.

I just did 2 new X-460-G2-10GE4 stack yesterday with no issue so far. for using alternate stacking port instead of native (Module)