LACP check on PG650-3 + MP650-3

  • 13 November 2020
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Hi All

We are having LACP dropouts between PG650-3 + MP650-3 and the new Aruba distribution in PG + MP.


It is showing up on PG650-3 more often than MP650-3 (remove port 24 aggregation) in logs. It is port 24 on both distribution switches.


All physical connectivity has been checked (gbics and fibres) and we think it comes down to the interoperability between vendors causing trouble. Ideally we’d like to stick with LACP setup rather than static.


Do you have any notes or previous experience about this? Something code version related? Any ideas?



MP650-3.1 # show sharing Load Sharing Monitor Config Current Agg Ld Share Ld Share Agg Link Link Up Master Master Control Algorithm Group Mbr State Transitions ============================================================================== 24 24 LACP L2 24 Y A 19 ============================================================================== Same output on PG650-3. Let me know if you need any more info. We are currently thinking we'll go static to get rid of this situation especially cause we won't be adding or removing ports (no real need for dynamic configuration).



Thanks for your time.


Kind Regards



3 replies

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Hi Nick,


Can you provide the output of the command “show lacp counters”?  Are you getting a bunch of “port removed from aggregator logs”?



Chris Thompson

Hi Chris

Correct about the port removed from aggregator in the log!


Here is the lacp counters output;

LACP PDUs dropped on non-LACP ports : 0

LACP Bulk checkpointed msgs sent : 0

LACP Bulk checkpointed msgs recv : 0

LACP PDUs checkpointed sent : 0

LACP PDUs checkpointed recv : 0 Lag Member Rx Rx Drop Rx Drop Rx Drop Tx Tx Group Port Ok PDU Err Not Up Same MAC Sent Ok Xmit Err -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24 24 20001 0 0 0 20004 0 ================================================================================ Cheers Nick

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It looks like both EXOS and Aruba default to long timer for lacp(90 seconds)


Are there any rx or tx errors on that port?

Also, can you see the lacp counters on the other side? Do they match?



Chris Thompson