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  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jan 5 2012 6:56PM

I am wondering how it might be possible to view or change the default log size in ExtremeXOS devices (what CLI command to use?).

Thank you! (from Sarah_Cordero)

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Create Date: Jan 11 2012 11:43AM

Hey scordero

To view the log configuration inclugin the number of messages the command is show log config. This will show you the log for all targets including the memory-buffer.

To change the log size use the command config log target memory-buffer number-of-messages

Be careful how big you set the log size as to many will make it harder to troubleshoot. One nice alternative is to use sylog servers and send different severity messages to different syslog targets.

Hope this helps


(from Paul_Russo)