Micro-USB console on 5520 (and others?), are drivers widely available?

  • 1 March 2021
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Has anyone used the micro-B USB port on the 5520, x465 or x870 for console? Is the serial device in the switch “generic” so any operating system will recognize it or is a special driver needed? From the hardware guide (for 5520):

“There is one Micro-B USB console port on the front panel. If the Micro-B USB console port is connected, it will be selected over the RJ45 console port. The Micro-B USB console port will disconnect when the switch is rebooted. You can re-connect the port if needed. When the Micro-B USB console is active, any messages from the switch to the client terminal will be echoed to both the USB console and the rear panel RJ45 serial port; however, no user input will be accepted from the rear panel port.”

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Hi Fredrik,


I have tested this on several VSP4900s (which are identically to the X465). However I do not use Windows - I use a Mac and it did recognize the serial chip without adding any drivers or what so ever. It popped up as a new USB to serial adapter and I could use it to access the switch.


I suspect it may be a FTDI chipset but I don’t know.


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Btw, this website is providing the drivers for most OS for the Universal Switching 55xx internal USB/Serial device Prolific PL2303.

I tested the Windows driver successfully:


All other OS you can find here:


Good luck  :)

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For those using MacOS BigSur, the following drivers are working: