proxy mdns with exos acl

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Hi guys,

has someone tried to use exos ACL as a mdns proxy?

I need to forward/proxy mdns pakets at a customer. AFAIK Identifi can do this with B@AC but I will not bring both VLAN to the VMWare farm (because virtual controller).

Is was thinking about a solution close to the Wake-on-LAN proxy ACL at EXOS.


entry proxy_mDNS {
if {
ethernet-destination-address 01:00:5E:00:00:FB;
protocol udp;
destination-port 5353;
} then {

I’m not sure, if this act like “normal” routing and reduse the TTL, that will cause in this case the paket to be dropped.

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I think you would have configure MVR or PIM(proper license required) for this to work.


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thanks for for your answer.

I think PIM would not work, because its “normal” multicast routing and as mdns has a TTL of 1 it’s not routable.

Your link is a bit like my idea. I think, I need to test this.