QoS in EXOS.

  • 7 January 2021
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May I ask for an example of configuring QoS on an EXOS switch for something such as SNMP, SSH, etc., please?  I have read the documentation on EXOS 22.7, but I did not find an example to get me started.


Also, I want to make sure that there are no side-effects, or adverse consequences after doing this.





3 replies

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Hello Ambrose,

I think these article should help you:

If you are not usinge Qos up to now in the network there should be no site effects if you introduce Qos.

If want to mark incoming packets for Qos these article can be useful, too:


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Arent the Qos-Profiles QP1 to QP8 created by default? Dot1p is enabled by default and traffic should already be classified in the QP-Groups. You can check this with 

show ports qosmonitor

Things like EAPS, ELRP and so on are classified as QP8 - highest Priority. 

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You need to clarify deeper your requirements/needs.

The management traffic is already treated with a specific QoS/Cos (the maximum reactivity) and it would be (at first look) a bad idea to modify this.

On top of this when the switch is very busy the OS will drop SNMP and ICMP requests to let him handle the client traffic.

So what you try to achieve has to be clarified.