Recommended switch x440-G2 configuration

  • 18 January 2019
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Good afternoon
I have a very simple doubt, ( of newbie ) and wanted some advice
We need to have 1switch x440-G2 , with 8 sfp ports to 1gb
I recommend the model x440-G2-24t-10GE4
Reading the technical specifications, would have a maximum of 8 sfp ports at the same time?
Is this right?
So the switch at its maximum capacity would be like this:
- 20 ports rj45
- 4 sfp ports to 1gb, front (combo ports)
- 4 sfp ports at 1 gb, at the rear of the switch
Is this configuration correct?
(the requirement is to have 8 uplinks and through the sfp ports)
Or would you recommend another model?

In advance, thank you for your attention, and your help.

1 reply

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you can do this in that way...

the rear ports are sfp+ port -->they can also run in 10G mode with license or for stacking...

other device: X460-G2-24t-GE4 or 10GE4