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  • 28 November 2019
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Why remote MAC isn’t using in local FDB of X590?

* leaf-3.117 # show bgp evpn mac 
Src EVI-Idx MAC               BGP Next Hop           VNI ESI                            ESI-Port   In Use Sequence 
--- ------- ----------------- --------------- ---------- ------------------------------ ---------- ------ -------- 
L       777 d8:fe:e3:a8:5c:cc                        777                                           Yes    0        
R       777 90:e2:ba:26:b9:64           777                                           No     0    


Session between X590 and Juniper QFX.

Routes work fine. MAC from direct session with QFX.


Could it be because EXOS using EVPN vlan-based service but JunOS using EVPN vlan-aware service?


Thank you!

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Hello Alexandr,


Please update your switch to the latest EXOS 30.3 and check if the issue still persist, if yes raise a service request. It might be known internally CR xos0075694, but it is better to check.


Best Regards,