Stacking after new image on master.

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Sep 18 2012 3:02PM

After I configure the stacking on 5 Summit X440-48p switches, I upgraded the image on the master and rebooted.

Will the image sync with all other nodes?

Do I need to sync manually or enable stacking again. When I look into the images of the other nodes it tell me N/A however when I look into the detail on the node it tells me they are enabled for stacking.

The management light on all the other 4 nodes are blinking orange, does this tell me that they are being updated? Or should I sync?

Edit: Also when i show node detail it tells me FAIL.

Thanks (from Paul_Wanless)

5 replies

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Create Date: Sep 18 2012 5:32PM

Hey ClassicDWhen you upload the image to the master it will go ahead and download the code to all of the switches. This will not affect traffic even though it may take a few minutes.This is why it is important to not only have the same image on all of the switches but also have them in the same image container as the master as it will download the image into the same container that you placed it on the master.Hope that helps.P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Sep 19 2012 8:06AM

Thanks prusso

I am updating from image to image and it doesn't want to install the image on the rest of the stack, I'm having to install the image on each switch? Is this correct should it do this or am I missing something out?

I sync, reboot, unconfigure switch all after the new image is on, the configure stacking but still doesn't cascade the image...

What is the image container and how do I download the image on there? (from Paul_Wanless)
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Create Date: Sep 20 2012 4:17PM

hi classicd,

i had to do some of mine seperately. i'm not sure if it was because i did something wrong
i havn't tried this but you can login to a non-master node with the failsafe account it may let you do the switch's individually without unstacking them. worth a try

ii think prusso means primary or secondary by container.

so see the command use image secondary and use image primary

(from conrad_jones)
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Create Date: Sep 21 2012 12:38PM

Hey ClassicDSorry I was talking about the primary or secondary image location. Do you get an error during the upgrade? If so can you please provide it in the discussion?ThanksP (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Sep 28 2012 7:54PM

how did you get on with this? (from conrad_jones)