'Summit X450e' Admin account password forgot :(

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Sep 17 2012 6:33AM

Hi All,

We installed one Extreme Network's 'Summit X450e-48p' switch in our organization. Unfortunately, we forgot it's admin account password and we don't have any other account on this switch to work on it.

Anybody to guide us how to break admin account password for a Summit switch. We don't want factory reset. (from Rajesh_Panchal)

4 replies

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Create Date: Sep 17 2012 1:31PM

Hello HmrpThere are only two ways to get into a switch if you lose the password, 1) factory reset or 2) calling TAC.
ThanksP (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Sep 18 2012 5:10AM

Thanks Prusso,

Factory reset will erase our switch configuration, which we don't want. We heard something about BootROM for resetting the admin account password. Do you know anything about it which can help us. (from Rajesh_Panchal)
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Create Date: Sep 18 2012 12:32PM

HelloHere's the menu from the bootrom.Press and hold the to enter the bootrom.BootRom > ? boot boot an image loader Sets which BootLoader BootStrap will boot reboot Reboot system (hard reset) show display information config select configuration enable enable features h on-line help help on-line help ? on-line help vers print version info eval evaluate and print result hi display command history date get/set date and time d display memory mt tests all available memory up to 2GB using 64 bit physical addresses dir list contents of CF directory cd change working CF directory pwd print working CF directory ping ping remote hostwdogdisable disable the watchdog configip configure the bootloader ip address showip show the configuration of the bootloader ip address download download an imageBootRom > config nonethere is no change password option. The bootrom is the way you factory default the switch as I have done above. There are only really two ways to reset the password without affecting the config. 1) call TAC and have a PC connected to the switch that they can control 2) set up a fail-safe password. A fail-safe password is your private backdoor into the switch in cases where you forget the password or if a person in charge of the network leaves and takes the password with them.The best approach to stopping this is to use a Radius server and allow each user to use their domain credentials to log in. Not only does it stop this issue it allows you to track and monitor changes to the switch on a per user basis.Hope that helps.P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Oct 9 2012 8:08PM

1. Load to BootROM && type "config none" && "reboot" you will boot with default config
2. After all of this you can configure mgmt ip (DON'T SAVE CONFIG!!!!) && ls (there is your config with lost pass) && upload this congig to your tftp server
3. Open your config (xml mode, such as primary.cfg) in text editor find accounts tag and add line


this will add default admin account to your config (login:admin pass: 'enter(none)), save file and load to switch

4. use configuration 'name' && reboot
5. correct your accounts and politics

ENJOY (from pacan4ik1_pacan4ik1)