Supervlan and DHCP

  • 23 April 2021
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We have a main super VLAN called shared with a number subvlans. We also have another vlan called link. I want to have DHCP running from one server to each of the subvlans. I have tried to set this up using bootprealy. The DHCP server sits on the link vlan and I have added the following bit's of config

* Slot-1 Stack.3 # enable bootprelay ipv4 vlan AtlanticResearchGroup
* Slot-1 Stack.4 # enable bootprelay ipv4 vlan Link
* Slot-1 Stack.5 # enable bootprelay ipv4 vlan shared
* Slot-1 Stack.6 # configure vlan AtlanticResearchGroup dhcp-address-range - 172.16.14.

I can't seem to get a IP from the DHCP on the vlan AtlanticResearchGroup

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