Switch in stack with wrong XOS

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Oct 3 2012 10:22AM

Hi all,

I have a switch in a stack that's booted a different version of XOS to the other 3 switches. The switch in question is displaying the "pending aaa ...." so we can't login to it from the console. I was going to suggest removing the stack cables from the back of this switch, rebooting it and then breaking into the bootrom, run the config xxxx command and boot the switch without any configuration. Then, hopefully I will be able to login and set the switch to boot from the correct image.

Are there any idea's on this, is my suggestion above going to work? Is there another way to fix this?

Thanks! (from Dominic_Vincent)

3 replies

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Create Date: Oct 3 2012 11:10AM

Hey nw30ukWhat version of code are you using? You can try the followingUpgrading the Software on a Single Node Managing an Operating Stack You can upgrade the software on a single active node. Enter the following commands to download an image to a node: download image [[ | [i]] {{vr} }] {} slot use image {partition} [primary | secondary] slot reboot slot The slot number is the one in use by the active node that is to be upgraded. Be sure that you keep the same image versions on all the other nodes as you have on the master node. Alternatively, if your master node has the same image versions in its partitions that you want installed in the node to be upgraded, you can use the command synchronize slot to upgrade both images and select the desired imageIf you give us some more detail that would be great.P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Oct 3 2012 1:02PM

Hi Prusso,

Thanks for the response, the switch (X440) is running patch 1-6.

We're going to try 'use image secondary slot x' to see if we can get the switch to boot from the right image.

(from Dominic_Vincent)
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Create Date: Oct 3 2012 2:55PM

I just tested it here and it worked so please let us know how it goes.P (from Paul_Russo)