Two Windows Domains (No Trusting) and Two DHCP SERVERS and VLANS :)

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Oct 4 2012 1:09PM


I am unable to find an answer for my situation.

We have two windows domains that are not trusting one another. I want to setup a DHCP server for the new domain and have all request from vlan 62 go to it. We already have a dhcp relay setup on our extreme switch for one domain. How would I tackle my situation? (from Al_Skl)

3 replies

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Create Date: Oct 4 2012 1:25PM

Hello Cas

So are you saying you want DHCP from one VLAN (Dmonain) to go to one server and the other VLAN/s to go to another server?

If so then as of 15.1 code you can configure per VLAN bootprelay information. From the release notes
"BOOTP Relay per VLAN—This feature allows you to configure BOOTP Relay information and"
"DHCP Relay Option 82 information per VLAN."

Please check out the 15.1 concepts guide and see if that works for your situation.

P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Oct 4 2012 6:14PM

were on ExtremeXOS version
(from Al_Skl)
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Create Date: Oct 5 2012 4:19PM


The easiest way is to upgrade to 15.x code if you have support. If not then you can disable bootprelay and use UDP forwarding via a policy file to look at certain subnets and forward to the destination address of the server. This should be documented in the concepts guide under UDP forwarding.

Note when using UDP forwarding on an edge VLAN/ports to the users you have to also have a profile on the uplink port so that the switch will forward the reply back to the user. This step is handled automatically when you enable bootprelay on the switch as it enables it on all VLANs

If you use per VLAN bootprelay you also have to enable it on the VLAN connecting the switch to the core.

Hope this helps

P (from Paul_Russo)