What could have caused this in the logs?

What could have caused this in the logs? please help!!!


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a few more information would make sense.

Switch-Type? with redundant power? what optic-types?

Was it a one-time event?

From the first view It could have a lot reasons...

x590)  SF_LR  10G but it works on 1G . in this moment  i connect one Stack of six slots in my network)






that all ! help me Peter

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looks like the stack failed and master initiated a complete reboot of the stack.

What version are you running.

I had a similar issue at a customer a few weeks ago with a x440g2 stack

I use the stack on the x590 as the core of the network. The core comes with 6 stacks x440-g2. x440-g2 stacks perform the function of an access switch. When I connected the new stack to one of the access stacks, the core went to reboot. what could be the problem?

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We can’t really help you if you don’t answer our questions.

As far as I understand you have a stack of X590s as your Core. 4x X590? Which firmware? 

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It may be best to open a case with GTAC for this.