X435 2.5G SFP modules

  • 26 June 2020
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Hey everyone,


as you guys may saw the X435 switch does have SFP uplinks which (according to the datasheet) are working with 1G or 2.5G. Has anyone of you ever seen a compatible 2.5G SFP module? It seems like these modules are available nowhere.


I checked the official X435 datasheet as well as the EXOS optics matrix ( but there are no 2.5G optics anywhere.


Does anyone even know which standard this 2.5G SFP is?


Thank you all!


Kind regards


2 replies


Look like 9 Months later ther are no news about this.

I get the info that her is no Aggregation protocol so 2,5 also make no sense... 

I herad a Rumor that some People get it work with 3rd Party Types of SFPs but noone can tell something about…

So is ther someone wo have more info about?



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Hi Stefan,


Current datasheet for X435 seems to claim 2.5 Gbps speed on uplinks is a matter of a future release. If it’s already there then cool (I didn’t really review all available release notes regarding this: I’d try to use some 3rd party transceivers if it’s something urgent. AFAIR 3rd party transceivers doesn’t strip you off the warranty, only in case you would have an issue that might be related to the transceiver GTAC cannot really help with this part as they are not responsible anyhow for 3rd party transceivers. That’s the policy regarding 3rd pty optics I remember.

I hope anyone here has already used some particular transceivers. You could try to look around for field-proven 1G/10G/40G transceivers vendors and look if they have 2.5G in their portfolio.

Just out of curiosity, is it a strict requirement to upgrade uplinks to 2.5G and LAG out of 4x1G is neither enough nor possible on the other side?


Hope that helps,