X440 Trunking Issue

  • 25 April 2021
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I work in AV, and have set up a closed network containing 2 VLANs across 7 switches, in a star topology.

Main switch is x440 -G2 48t, all other switches are  X440-G2 12t and connected over fiber on the SFP ports. The VLANS (1 default, 20 Control) are set up as tagged on these ports. The switches are running an AVB license and when a stream is present, a dynamic VLAN is created on the trunk ports. Everything works great.

I recently needed to add an eighth switch with the same config, however due to infrastructure constraints I need to jump this last switch (another 12t) off of one of the other edge switches, over fiber on one of the SFP ports. Despite the config being identical and tagging on the trunk port, this last switch is not connecting. I know it is not the hardware because if I connect the same switch in this config directly to the 48t, everything works fine. Any help would be appreciated.


48t > 12t (good)

      > 12t (good)

      > 12t (good)

      > 12t (good)

      > 12t (good)

      > 12t (good) > 12t (problem)

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