x650 Double Tagged VLAN's

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Aug 23 2012 6:29AM


I would like to traverse double tagged packets from optical networking kit to another network via an x650 at each end. I have double tagged VLAN's and this needs to traverse my x650 through to the next network and they need to be able to ignore the C tag and route the traffic.

Can anybody advise if this feature is available in XOS and where I can set it to ignore the C tag?? Do i need to implement VMAN's to make this work. WIll my x650 come with this ability?

Help ?!?
(from Craig_Pickering)

1 reply

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Create Date: Sep 5 2012 5:16AM

Hello Craigyes you can do this with the 650 out of the box. Can you give some detail as to what the outer tag ether type is?The switch will always forward based on the outer tag unless you tell it to look at the c-tag. If you are using q-in-q where the outer tag is an 8100 ether type then using standard VLANs on the switch will forward the traffic based on the standard tag. i.e. you can just create the VLAN on the switch and add the ports tagged. This will only go to 4095 VLANs so if you need more scaling than you can use VMANs and set the VMAN ether tag to 8100. The default is 88a8. In addition you will most likely need to enable jumble frames.ThanksP (from Paul_Russo)