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220 Switch SFP+ Port with 1 GBit Modul ?

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can anyone confirm or has tested a 220 Series Switch with sfp+ Ports but using an SFP 1 Gbit Modul in this Slot ?

I have a Scenario where a customer needs Switches that support 1 Gbit SX1000 .. but in future must UP to 10GB. (changing the gbic is of course accepted)

I only have tested this scenario on some SSA 180 Systems, there i know that i can plug a

SFP 1000SX Gbic into a SFP+ Port (hat is designed for 10GB) and it works.

Officialy the 220 Series support the mixed mode SFP+ Modul with 1 and 10GB but with

pricelist $2140 .. it would be only an option with 95% Discount 🙂