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Can't configure RADIUS NPS on switch VSP7254

  • 6 September 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi all,

sorry for my english, i'm french :)
So, i've a switch VSP7254XSQ and a RADIUS NPS (Windows Server 2016).

I want to login on the web interface of the switch by RADIUS authentication. I've configure
the switch (see screenshots).

And i've configure the NPS.
I can login with RADIUS authentication on other switch Extreme Networks (ERS 3650 for example) but i can't login with RADIUS authentication on VSP switch ...

Thanks for your answer.


3 replies

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I've no experience with this switch model but in general for such issue it's the best to look into the NPS log to see whether you get a request and why it wasn't accepted.
It's the problem, into the NPS logs, the user is "Authorized". But i think that the NPS didn't send the right parameter or attribute to the switch...

Did you finally manage your radius authentication on VSP7k ?

Anyway, you have just to return a radius vendor-specific attribute for Nortel Networks provider with number 192. For value, you have to give a decimal number from 1 to 6 (for EDM access, just 1 (RO) or 6 (RWA) as follow:
  • 1: RO access
  • 2: RWL1 access
  • 3: RWL2 access
  • 4: RWL3 access
  • 5: RW access
  • 6: RWA access

It's possible to change the attribute's number (192 by default) returned. You have to give your choosen number via cli or EDM.

Best regards.