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Can't configure RADIUS NPS on switch VSP7254

  • 6 September 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi all,

sorry for my english, i'm french :)
So, i've a switch VSP7254XSQ and a RADIUS NPS (Windows Server 2016).

I want to login on the web interface of the switch by RADIUS authentication. I've configure
the switch (see screenshots).

And i've configure the NPS.
I can login with RADIUS authentication on other switch Extreme Networks (ERS 3650 for example) but i can't login with RADIUS authentication on VSP switch ...

Thanks for your answer.


3 replies


Did you finally manage your radius authentication on VSP7k ?

Anyway, you have just to return a radius vendor-specific attribute for Nortel Networks provider with number 192. For value, you have to give a decimal number from 1 to 6 (for EDM access, just 1 (RO) or 6 (RWA) as follow:
  • 1: RO access
  • 2: RWL1 access
  • 3: RWL2 access
  • 4: RWL3 access
  • 5: RW access
  • 6: RWA access

It's possible to change the attribute's number (192 by default) returned. You have to give your choosen number via cli or EDM.

Best regards.
It's the problem, into the NPS logs, the user is "Authorized". But i think that the NPS didn't send the right parameter or attribute to the switch...
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I've no experience with this switch model but in general for such issue it's the best to look into the NPS log to see whether you get a request and why it wasn't accepted.