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Configuration for a Summit 200 Series and VMware teaming

  • 12 February 2019
  • 3 replies

Hello everyone.

I have an environment with one vmware server with 2 NICs configured as teaming connected to a switch. It seems that all traffic is going only through one of the ports.

If a do a cable test on the switch (a 220-48t-10GE4) it says always cable fail in one of the ports. Of course I tested the cables and the ports of the server and everything is fine.

I guess I need to configure the 220 properly.

In other switches, summit 400 series for example is very easy, you can use this comand: enable sharing grouping algorithm address-based L3_L4

But with 220 series this command does not works.

Do you know the equivalent to this command in a 220 series?

Thanks in advanced.