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Configuration IP ADDRESS on Enterasys for a VLAN

Hi everyone

I'm a noob with Enterasys sws. Please need your help

We've 6 switchs (2 Cisco and 4 Enterasys A2) every switch is in a different IDF, We ́re in the segmentation process and we're created a VLAN 20 for Switchs Management, with the cisco we don't have any problem, but with Enterasys we don't have idea how to configure a IP ADDRESS in VLAN 20 to reach every Enterasys under this VLAN 20

Please somebody help me!

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Are you running your management in vlan 20?


set host vlan 20
Yes, the management is in vlan 20!! 🙂
Mau Medina wrote:

Yes, the management is in vlan 20!! :)

Did that work?
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If you have different switches with VLANs and want to connect them together you have to set the egress state of the ports where the switches are connect together:
example: Switch A is connected with Switch B (let's say the uplink port between both is ge.1.1 then you have to:
- create the VLAN : set vlan create 20
- configure Data Host Port into vlan 20: set host vlan 20
- configure ge.1.1 to forward vlan 20 traffic tagged: set vlan egress 20 ge.1.1 tagged
- configure the ip address on both switches: set ip address mask gateway
At the cisco - I'm not sure - but I guess you have to set the port in trunk mode and allow vlan 20.

If you configure two Enterasys switches like the example and connect them together it should be possible to ping from one to the other.
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On the A2's you can confirm the up link port settings by running the command Show vlan portinfo port por# The port may be assigned to vlan 1 untagged and vlan 20 tagged on egress So if you want to have both assigned to 20 First do set port vlan port# 20 modified-egress And follow the steps above from Axel Then again run the show vlan portinfo port port# to confirm your settings