Configure Spanning Tree 221 Series no XOS

Can anyone share any configuration of most services in a switchn extreme 210 and 220 series? These are not XOS, there is no clear documentation of this series of equipment. Thank you[/code]

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You can find some guide documents with below links.

1. ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Administration Guide

2. ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Command Reference Guide

3. ExtremeSwitching 210 and 220 Series Switches: Hardware Installation Guide

4. ExtremeSwitching 200 Series: Initial Configuration and Setup

Those are posted on extreme portal site.
Hope these are useful for you.
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I agree

Check the following article
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If you're especially interested in Spanning Tree Protocol, you can look at this topic and the ones that follow it. The CLI commands are documented in this topic and the ones that follow it.

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