configure vlan c2g124-24

Hello Admins, i'm newbie to the enterasys (c2g124-24) switch. basically i'm an unix admin.
i'm trying to configure vlan and want to access my linux machine to the vlan. can you please help me how to configure.
** i tried with manual but i couldn't able to understand.
vlan id = 100
my router is
** i want to create another subnet like but want to use the router gateway to access internet.

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C2 Securestacks do not route - switch management can be put in only 1 vlan

set vlan create 100
Set ip address mask gateway
set host vlan 100
set vlan egress 100 fe.1.48 100 tag (sending to uplink router)
Thank you so much really helps and its working..i have one question, if i understood correctly, only one vlan can be created correct.
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no you can have a lot of VLANs but you could only have one IP address on the switch for mgmt access = the switch doesn't route between VLANs = only a L2 switch
Thanks Ronald.
even i'm able to create the vlan, still i'm not able to access from my linux machine.
below is what i would like to have.

i would like configure the vlan's on port ge.1.17
my vlan id's are 10 , 20
currenty the default router is
i want to have network segment on the vlan id are and
and i have my linux machine which i configured on , 6,7,8 etc

will this be possible or any other alternate solution. your help is greatly appreciated.
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IF the host VLAN is int the same VLAN that 192.168.0.X, you should be able to ping the gateway and the rest of the world.
Clients on other VLANs will need to SWITCH to the core router and the go to the world.
IF the clients are in the same subnet as the switch, you should be able to ping the switch, GW, & world.
Verify with show host vlan and show port vlan and also verify egress list of ports (untagged vlan as PVID and tagged all others(uplinks))