Creating Stack of connected cascade switches?

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we have X440-G2 switches in our production environment and these switches are connected in a cascade manner, Does any Pre-configured switch need changes for doing stacking. or we have to make fresh configuration?

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Hi, Alok. For stacking, Extreme Networks strongly recommends that the switches be connected in a ring topology rather than a daisy-chain or cascade topology. In a ring topology, if one of the connections goes down, you're less likely to encounter a dual-master situation and nodes are less likely to be isolated from the stack.

Typically you can change a daisy chain to a ring topology simply by adding a physical connection between the last switch in the chain and the first one as shown here. (Note the connection between the top switch and the bottom switch.)

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks
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Hi Alok,

when you configure in stack two or more switches the configuration will be erased and you have to make a new configuration for all the stack.

The port numbers change from 1, 2, 3, etc. to 1:1, 1:2, ... Slot/port.