Extreme Management Default alarms for S Series Switches

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Hi Community

A client of mine has numerous S series chassis/ SSA deployed.
The network is being managed by ExtremeManagement (Netsight)

Netsigh does not seem to report on a failed blade or failed PSU.
When a fan fails in a B series switches an alarm is raised ect but when a blade or PSU in a s Series switch fails a syslog entry is generated but no default alarm is triggered. (All default alarms is enabled and applied to the "All device" Group)

We have created a manual alarm to match if we see a syslog entry but this is only trigger once when the blade/PSU fails.
If the client misses this email he is never notified again.

How do we get Netsight to raise an alarm and generates the alarm daily until resolved.
As mentioned above a failed fan in a B series generates a daily alarm automatically, using the default arms in Netsight.
No need for custom one.

Any comments??

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Hi Andre,

could you please post an screenshot of the syslog alarm action window of the custom syslog alarm.

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Hi Ron

The custom alarm works fine, the issue that the syslog entry is only generated once by the switch when the item fails, so you do not get a repeated alarm from Netsight.

For example if a PSU fails the following logs is seen on the switch:
<163>Jul 12 08:33:11 System[1]Power supply 1 is not operational.
<163>Jul 12 08:33:11 System[1]Power redundancy not present.
These are then sent to Netsight (Syslog)
I then match on these and I receive an alarm.
This log entry is only generated once when the component fails......

We require Netsight to send us constant notifications (once a day) regarding the failed component.

Why not have a default alarm for this?? The S series is part of the Extreme Suite why should we have to write a custom alarm surely this must be part of the default alrams...

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PS and board failure in an S is a trap event that has to be created in Netsight and will stay as an error in Netsight until manually cleared or, for a PS, a PS normal trap is received (if a clearing action is set up). The trap for board failure is "chassis board removal."

I have never had Netsight send "reminder" email messages unless the event is seen again. I do know in a B the fan failure message is repeated constantly in the logs but the board removal and PS messages only appear once per event in the S logs.