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Hi Team, Please do share the configuration of UDLD on ISW series switches

  • 28 May 2017
  • 4 replies


4 replies

Hi garry,

can you please give a little bit more information about your problem and what are you searching for?

Regards Daniel
Hi Daniel,

Customer is having existing network on Cisco and we have to terminate ISW 8 port and 4 port switches in star topology over Cisco Cat 3850. Customer wants us to enable UDLD feature on switches to avoid uni-directional links in network.

Can you help me, how we can configure UDLD (uni-directional link detection) feature on ISW series 8 and 4 port industrial grade switches.

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Hi Garry,

the ISW switches do not support Cisco's proprietary UDLD.

They do support CFM, which can be used to check forwarding of Ethernet frames, but this is not supported by the Cisco Catalyst 3850.

A simple standards-based solution would be to use LACP. If one side stops receiving LACP PDUs, e.g. because data is forwarded in one direction only, that link will no longer be used for forwarding data.

Thanks, hope it works. Does CFM will provide all functionalities equivalent to UDLD or there will be some limitations?

EOS is having ELSM which is equivalent to UDLD, can we configure ELSM in ISW?