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How enable PoE at specifics ports by cli or gui on 220 switches?

  • 9 September 2018
  • 4 replies

I tried to enable ports by cli with this command:


but the problem is that it didn't recognize me, so I look up for information but I didn't found something that could fix that problem... help me please

4 replies

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You can start with enable
poe reset
This should reset all port settings.

Could you confirm the switch "show hardware" or firmware "show bootvar"

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I followed your commands displayed, (210-24.cfg) (Config)#interface 0/1,(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#poe,(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#shutdown , all that last command did was disable the interface 0/1 but poe was still available at the port-
(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#show port 0/1

Admin Physical Physical Link Link LACP Actor
Intf Type Mode Mode Status Status Trap Mode Timeout
--------- ------ --------- ---------- ---------- ------ ------- ------ --------
0/1 Disable Auto Down Enable Enable long

I would first run the command "no shutdown " on your interface and then here are your options for PoE on the interface
(210-24.cfg) (Interface 0/1)#poe ?

Press enter to execute the command.
detection Configure PoE detection mode.
high-power Configure PoE port high power mode.
power Configure PoE power parameters.
priority Configure PoE port priorities.
reset Reset PoE port.
timer Enables or disables a timer service.

Here is a great article explaining the commands available to you.

Please let us know if there is anything else you may need.
Yes, I had already done everything that you mention, but Ports still wasn't delivering PoE so I reboot the switches the problem was fixed

thanks for your response and help. I appreciate it.