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How i can enable access list using ip address to ssh login

  • 30 July 2017
  • 2 replies

i am facing a problem when i am using ACL for SSH using this code it deny all the ip addresses to login using ssh

other question what is the differnce between source-address and destination-address

because i saw alot of people in the community posting using source-address and destination-address to login for ssh how come !!!

entry AllowManagementIP { if match any { source-address; } then { permit; } }[/code]

2 replies

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Please see the below provided knowledge base articles for your reference:





1. Source-address is where the traffic originating from, like a end user/device (host).
2. Destination-address is where the user traffic destined to communicate (send the data to an end point).

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Hi Adnan,

When you configure an ACL for an access profile, in this case - the SSH access profile, there is an implicit deny entry. This means, other than the traffic explicitly allowed (, all other SSH access will be denied.