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How to give 200-Series MAB/Mac Authentication Password

  • 25 July 2018
  • 3 replies

Hello to Everyone,

I am trying to do mac authentication via windows radius on Extreme Networks 220 series device.

I can find all command in the release or in gtac.

But I can not find any command that I can give password for mac authentication.

For example, in securestack switch as B5

After doing radius config, we apply a " set mac authentication password xxxxx"

command. So that, in active directory we give the same password for that mac user password.

Is it possible to do the same in here.

Best Regards

3 replies

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Here is an article on the subject:
How to configure MAC Authentication Bypass on 200-Series switches

The password is set in the AAA section of the configuration such as:
(Extreme 220) (Config)#aaa ias-user username 1f3ccb1157
(Extreme 220) (Config-aaa-ias-User)#password 1f3ccb1157
(Extreme 220) (Config-aaa-ias-User)#exit
The topic is covered in the Admistration Guide under Configuring System Information.

Yes I know this , but this is for local authentication. But I have radius, and all client mac address is already there.

So, I need to say to switch all mac authentication password is xxxx.

Best Regards
If I am not wrong, with you example configuration, I need to set all client mac address to switch. And I got 10 switches so I need to set all mac address to all switch.

Best Regards