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igmp snooping & vlan routing Extreme 220

The admin guide for the Extreme 220 says "If an interface has IGMP Snooping enabled and you enable this interface for routing or enlist it as a member of a port-channel (LAG), IGMP Snooping functionality is disabled on that interface." Does this mean that there is no way to do inter-vlan routing and use IGMP snooping at the same time?

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Hello Mike,

This would only affect you if you were to configure a routed interface on a physical port. In most cases, you would want to create a vlan interface and use that for inter-vlan routing. In that case, snooping won't be disabled on any physical interface. However, the switch does not support any multicast-routing functionality. I know that isn't what you were asking, just FYI.

Here are a few articles that should help:




I hope this helps. If you have any additional questions or need help setting this up, you can always call into the GTAC (800-872-8440) and get assistance from an experienced tech.

Best Regards,

Steve Geisser
Escalation Support Engineer
Extreme GTAC
Thanks Steve. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong the first time, but it's all working now. Thanks for the clarification.