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ISW 16802 PoE issue.

  • 17 October 2018
  • 3 replies

We have a lot of ISW 8-10/100P,4-FSP and Pelco IP Cam, powered by PoE, delivered from ISW. Some of ISW stop delivering PoE and after a time can start provide PoE. In console for "show poe" i have "No PD detected" but device is connected and working with other power supply. Power budget is ok. Only 1 or 2 cameras per 1 ISW with SDR-240-48. Main thing that the all complexes were working before. And now we have about 20 ISW from ~300 with the same issue.

3 replies

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Hi Artem Akinin,

We need to look at multiple aspects here -
Class of PD connected
How the negotiation for power takes place between the ISW and PD - LLDP?

When you say that after a point, PoE is being supplied again, does this occur spontaneously or do you have to intervene?

I assume switches with identical configurations have varying behaviors with some dropping PoE and some not. In this case, I'd encourage you to open a case with support.
Hello Sushruth Sathyamurthy.
Thanks for feedback.
i have PD class 2 and 3 and booth classes have no delivered PoE.
Power negotiations with the LLPD protocol. PoE is being supplied again without no intervene.
Some times PoE came back after a time(about 2 weeks), when i use PoE injectors and after remove it connecting cameras to ISW directly.

Hi Artem,
has this issue been resolved?