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ISW 4GbP, 2GbT, 2-SFP Feature Support

We are having ISW 4GbP, 2GbT, 2-SFP and we will be deploying in IPv6 environment. Please do share how we can configure SNMP server for IPv6, telnet server for IPv6, and SSH server for IPv6

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Hello Sharad,

You'll find details in the documentation :

There is parameters for SNMP with IPv6.
Not sure about SSH and telnet.

Thanks Nicolas! I also didn't found configuration for SSH and Telnet. for telnet, it seems that its currently supported for IPv4 only, am I right?
Can you help in confirming, accordingly we plan our network planning
Have checked webGUI guide, for telnet didnt found any option for IPv6. May I know, how to enable telnet for IPv6 on ISW series switch