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Looking for Extremeware 6.2e.1 firmware for Summit24e3

  • 21 November 2017
  • 6 replies

Hello, Our customer has a few old Summit24e3 and I am looking to see if anyone would have the firmware for them 6.2e.1. I know its a long shot. Its just on the off chance. Thanks,Pat

6 replies

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Hello Patrick, I can get this for you - do you have an email address I can use here?
That's great. Yes my gmail address is [email removed]

Edit: email address removed by community manager
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Ok great, thanks Patrick, I'll get the image over to you shortly.
Thanks a lot Ash. I got these. Thanks for your help
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Good stuff, cheers Patrick.
Hi Ash,
Do you have still Extreme 200-24 switch firmware. Currently firmware is 6.2e.2 and it is not supported ssh feature. I need to upgrade latest firmware that support ssh.
If you have a firmware please share, I will send my email.

Thank you.