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Power efficiency of power plugs used for the X440-G2-24p-10GE4?

A customer is asking us on the energy efficiency of the PSUs used for the X440-G2-24p-10GE4.

More specifically, he would like to know:
Thanks a bunch for your help!

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Hi, Marco. The Hardware Installation Guide contains power specs for the X440-G2. (Click the link and search for "Power Specifications.") You'll see statistics for heat dissipation and power consumption for every X440-G2 model. Is this what your customer is looking for?

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks
Hi Larry,

thanks a bunch for your fast reply!

Unfortunately, this is not sufficient (we already that information to him).

More specifically, he is interested in how much power (in 😵 is actually provided by the PSU to the switch compared to the power the PSU receives from the plug. See overview on the certification criteria below:

However, this certification is only the most prominent criteria the customer could think of.
-> If there is any other information available on your side, which could provide an idea of this aspect of energy efficiency, it would also be very helpful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

PS: Would you able to tell me the manufacturer and model number of the PSU used in the X440-G2?
-> This way I may check myself, if its efficiency information is already available within the Ecova database (https://plugloadsolutions.com/80PlusPowerSupplies.aspx).
Would you be able to provide me w/ a feedback on this one?
Thank you very much in advance.
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Hi Marco,
To my knowledge, the specifics that you're asking for aren't typically made available outside of engineering and product management. I tried looking in one of our systems and didn't see the PSU manufacturer explicitly listed.
Hi Drew,

thanks a lot for your feedback!
Is there, however, any other information proving insights about the level of energy efficiency of this type of switch you could share?