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PXE Boot for a different vlan on a Windows server

  • 7 January 2019
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Hello good Morning,

I have a 48-port C3-Series Extreme Switch with 7 vlan's configured and the switch-enabled DHCP on some of them.

What I need would be a PXE boot to point to another Vlan, in the vlan default home, because I use a Windows Server with PXE enabled, but it does not have the DHCP function installed.

The ip of Vlan is and and I need to point to boot via pxe for ip:

If I use bootrelay meets my need, or do I need to disable the switch's dhcp and use it for a server on the same network?

This is the DHCP configuration of one of the vlans:

set dhcp bootp enable
set dhcp pool technique
set dhcp pool technical dns-server
set dhcp pool technical default-router
set dhcp pool tecnica network
set dhcp pool tecnica domain-name tecnico.local

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