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summit 210 command line

  • 19 June 2017
  • 3 replies

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Where can i find command line uide for the 210 switch?

This is what im using but this is for XOS? These commands dont work on the Linux based 210 switch.




3 replies

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Hi Jeremy,

The guide you linked is for the Summit 200, an old, end-of-life ExtremeWare switch. The 210s documentation is located on our Documentation page, under ExtremeSwitching – Hardware > 200 Series. I've also linked the command reference for the 200 Series below:

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Hi, Jeremy. The 210 switch doesn't run EXOS; it runs the 200-Series operating system. Here's a link to the Command Reference Guide.

You can also manage the switch through a web user interface. Just plug the switch's IP address into your web browser and log in using the same credentials you use for the command-line interface. Documentation for the web UI is available through the Help button or in the Administration Guide.

Hope this helps.

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks
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Hello Jeremy,

You can find the documentation for the 200 series switches at the link below, although this guide refers to configuring the switch via the GUI, rather than the CLI.