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Summit x670-G2 Stacking Methods

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We are wondering about the logic behind two stacking methods between x670-G2 switches: v80 and v160. One difference is obvious, v160 is faster than v80, but why would you use v80 when the two methods use the same number of ports and cabling? is there another difference that we don'tsee?


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V80 is for compatibility with the SummitStack-V80 modules for the X460. If you are stacking X670s only, there isn't much of a reason to use V80 over V160.
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That is what we were thinking, there is no reason. So it is for compatibility with gen1 x460...thanks, that was fast.
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Hello Rey,

Kindly add our stacking Matrix. It will show you when you could v80 or v160


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