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Unable to update old firmware v11.2.0.15 to v12.5.1.6

During a recent Firmware upgrade on an x450-24t switch, I encountered a problem updating the firmware from v11.2.0.15 to v12.5.1.6. I am getting the following error message:

Installing to Switch........................Error: Failed to install image - This hardware is not supported for this software release. Please see the ExtremeXOS Concepts Guide for information on installing a newer software release. See the Release Notes for your hardware to verify the supported ExtremeXOS releases.

I currently have installed --

Router1009_Lab1_iDMZ.3 # show version
Switch : 800143-00-03 0525G-00010 Rev 3.0 BootROM: IMG:
XGM-2xn-1 :
Image : ExtremeWare XOS version v1120b15 by release-manager on Fri Apr 1 18:40:23 PST 2005
BootROM :

Is there an intermediate step/version I should install prior to installing v12.5.1.6?
Please describe the firmware update path for this device in detail.

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12.5 is not supported on X450, from what I see here.
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David Coglianese wrote:

12.5 is not supported on X450, from what I see here.

David is correct. the highest version that is supported on the x450-24t is EXOS 15.3