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x870 with 10G ports and 100G ports

Can we configure 4*100G ports on x870 and use the other ports as 10G ports ? We need to have a switch supporting 10G ports and 100G ports simultaneously

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yes, you can configure all ports on the X870 to work as 4*10G:

X870-32c – Spine switch that flexibly supports up to 32 x 100Gb ports, up to 64 x 50Gb ports, up to 128 x 25Gb ports, up to 32 x 40Gb ports, or up to 128 x 10Gb ports via its 32 x QSFP28 interfaces

If you need just 4 ports with 100G, you can use the less expensive X870-96x-8c:

X870-96x-8c – High density leaf switch that supports 96 x 10Gb ports (on 24 x QSFP28 interfaces) and has 8 additional QSFP28 ports to support 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, 50Gb or 100Gb data rates

Thanks Erik,

In fact I need some ports to run at 100G and other ones to run at 40G simultaneously, and others to work at 10G in one x870 node. Is that possible ? Which model to use -32c or -96x ?
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For full flexibility you need the -32c. The -96x-8c is only the answer for your original question of 4*100G and the other ports at 10G. It provides 96*10G and 8 flexible ports (4*10G/4*25G/40G/2*50G/100G).
Thanks again: in that cas I will use -32c platform to mix 40G, 100G and (probably byt not sure) 10G ports simultaneously.
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There's also the possibility of using the X870-96x-8c and purchasing port-speed licenses to allow ports to be used at 100/50/40/25G as needed. The licenses are for 6 port groups.