alternatives to balck diamond 8810 replacement

  • 22 March 2021
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Hello everybody


Does any one have a suggestion of what specific extreme switches can be a good replacemente for a balck diamon 8810?

actually it has 1 line card with 4 10Gbps fiber ports, 2 line cards with 48 1 Gps copper ports each one,  1 line card with 8 10Gps fiber ports  , 1 linecard with  48 1 Gps fiber ports.


thx in advance.

2 replies

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Hi Samuel,


No modular EXOS devices available on sale now. If EXOS is more important than modular chassis, I’d go for something like X670-G2 stacked with 3x X460-G2/X440-G2 (X440-G2 is cheaper but brings down stack routing/forwarding tables capacity) or X590 or X695 stacked with 3x X465 (more expensive, but some additional features and newer hardware - EoL naturally expected to occur later). But more precise recommendations should follow your other expectations beyond port type&count.


Hope that helps,


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How many of those ports are currently in use? 

2x X590 as an Core would be fine I think, if the ports are sufficient. (X695 would be an overkill, and X670-G2 is a bit older as already mentioned - but not outdated or near EoL, but stil… :-))