Can you stack a 450-24t to a 460-24t running same XOS?

  • 14 May 2015
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Stacking Question

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Yes you can, mixed stacking is possible within a single product family!
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Excellent, thank you. Had a hard time finding this out in the concept guides.
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Just a a heads up though, when you do mixed stacking, the stack will only perform as well as its weakest member (such as table sizes, etc.).

So be aware that you may hinder a better unit with mixed stacking.
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Makes sense and thanks for clarifying.
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Ted, if you're referring to the "original series" X450 (not the 'a' or 'e' models), this won't be possible. They aren't supported in any EXOS version past 12.4.x. Support for the X460 series began in 12.5.1.
There is no overlap in software versions between these two platforms, which is required for stacking.

If you have an X450a or X450e switch, then you can load the latest version of 15.3.x where it will be possible to stack.

See the hardware/software compatibility matrix for more information on this:

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Nice, yes we have a 450a 24T. Still unsure if this is the route we are going but I appreciate all the info.