Enable 802.1p Examination

  • 22 January 2020
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Is it possible to enable 802.1p examination and verify CoS values via a ingress policy on EXOS?

I want to make a policy that exam the 802.1p value (other or inner) and map the traffic to the different QP.

And I also want to rewrite values to 0 if needed.



2 replies

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Is this something you are looking for?


Is this something you are looking for?


That is the basic stuff :-)


I found some info in the Policy_and_Security guide,


replace-dot1p—Replaces the packet’s 802.1p field with the value from the associated QoS profile.
• ingress—BlackDiamond X8, 8000 c-, e-, xl-, and xm-series modules, and Summit family switches


Does this affect the inner dot1p bit our the outer?

If we have a “qinq-port” where the packets from the customer have a dot1p value, and we push a outer tag to it (vman - untag) 

Do we need to have “802.1p examination inner” enabled on the port to get use of this replace-dot1p?

And what about replacement?