(EOS) Installing Previously-Configured Systems in a Stack

  • 9 September 2015
  • 1 reply

I was tasked to replace a stack three Enterasys C2's with three C5's. That part went as expected and worked great. However, there is a fourth switch in the rack. It is also a C5 running the same firmware as the stack of three. I know I can bring in the fourth but I am not sure what will happen to the configuration on the fourth.

What I hope:
Since the VLAN's are the same, ports numbered ge1.1 will suddenly become ge.4.1. My VLAN's

set vlan egress 10 ge.1.1-10 tagged

Will become

set vlan egress 10 ge.4.1-10 tagged
and so forth

Pipe dream or miracle?

1 reply

The port configuration on the fourth unit will be blank/default when it becomes a stack member. Once you add the unit to the stack, you will have to reconfigure the ports.

For preparing the plain untagged VLAN config you could do this:
- issue "show config port" on the single unit
- copy output to a text editor
- replace "ge.1." with "ge.4."
- add unit to stack
- copy commands from text editor to CLI

Be aware that there might be other Port-based settings that you might need to configure (e.g. tagged vlan egress, LLDP, policy, authentication).