Issue with manual upgrading Aerohive SR2324P switch firmware

  • 21 January 2021
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Dear ExtremeNetworks community, 

I am having issue with manual upgrade of firmware for my backup Aerohive switch model SR2324P.

At the moment I cannot do upgrade via Extreme Cloud IQ as current firmware is outdated (Hiveagent 1.0.26) and I need to install at least Hiveagent in order to be recognised and managed by ExtremeCloud IQ. 

Sam Pirok kindly provided me with firmware files (consisting of these files: hiveagent, hiveagent_pr and ah_ha.conf ) however my switch does not accept these files neither via SSH/CLI commands (copy from TFTP server) nor via switch web UI. 

I found an article saying that firmware files for CLI update  should have an "stk" as the filename extension  ( )  but apparently these files cannot be sourced from Extreme networks. 

Does anybody on this community forum by any chance has an Aerohive SR2324P switch on the firmware compatible with ExtremeCloud IQ? I would be really grateful if somebody could send it to my mailbox . Many thanks

Best regards


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