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  • 11 October 2018
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Hello Extreme Community,

I am trying to find out how much power the:
(part no.16803 and 16804)
Switches require to run without any PoE devices and what is the max power consumption total with all PoE+ ports outputting 30watts.

Will the ISW 4GBP,2GBT,2-SFP be able to output 30w PoE+ on all 4 ports with a 240w PSU ?



6 replies

how do I post bump this question ?

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how do I post bump this question ?

you just did it 🙂
there is no special button - there must be activitiy e.g. new post/comment.
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Hi Jake,

The PoE budget according to the ISW data sheet is -
• POE Budget 16801 and 16803 – 120 watts
• POE Budget 16802 and 16804 – 240 watts

And without PD loading, the consumption is 15 W.

Thanks Sushruth,

I have checked the data sheet. I am not clear what PD Loading means. I was hoping to find a total power usage of the switch when it is turned on running with all ports connected without PoE... is that what 'without PD loading' means ? (the switch only takes 15w to operate with all ports linked up and running at 1gbps ?)

bump to get clarification on what 'PD loading' means in the Data Sheet.
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Hi Jake,

Yes, you are right. Without PD loading, it is 15W. With full PD loading, it will be 15+240W = 255W.