Radius not working Enterasys B3

  • 29 October 2020
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I am configuring a B3G124-48 switch to authenticate via Radius.
The server is already authenticating other Datacom and Mikrotik switches, however Enterasys does not authenticate.

B3(su)->show radius 
RADIUS status: Enabled
RADIUS retries: 10
RADIUS timeout: 5 seconds
RADIUS attribute mgmt password: standard
RADIUS Server IP Address Auth-Port Realm-Type IPsec
-------------- ---------- --------- ----------------- --------
1 1812 management-access disabled
B3(su)->show radius accounting 
RADIUS accounting status: Enabled
RADIUS Acct Server IP Address Acct-Port Retries Timeout Status
------------------ -------------- --------- ------- ------- --------
1 1813 10 5 Enabled


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3 replies

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Hello Rafael,

what are you trying to achieve? Mgmt authentication or port authentication.


Here is a good example for Managment auth:

And here for Port auth. with further links:


If both did not help post your config please.






Thanks for answering.

I am using RADIUS for managment auth, I did exactly as is the document you sent me. I just didn't configure the filter-id, but apparently, it was to allow logon even without this configuration, correct?

Using the RADIUS debug, it returns ok LDAP authentication, as well as Service-Type = Administrative-User, however the switch reports that it was not possible to authenticate.

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Hello  Rafael,

the filter-id is not necessary. 

What do you see in events (Type: Access Control Engine)?

Your wrote “switch reports that it was not possilbe...”, do you see this in the log?

Please post the log part.